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    Web site content development

    Newbies' Guide to Web Content Development by James Monahan

    In the western side of the world and in developed countries, many business establishments have not only their physical building present in the business area but also their online stores.

    Everyone who has access to the internet can buy almost everything that he needs. Clothes, gifts items, book, CDs, VCD, DVDs, and even the food that he wants to eat, he can buy it on the internet. He could also transact with his bank through online banking. That is how powerful and convenient the internet is.

    Successful business establishments utilizing this method have reached revenues to billions like the Amazon.Com that sells books and other printed materials online.

    However, these companies did not succeed without the presence of their websites. And not just websites, these are good websites that could convince a visitor of the site to buy the products and avail of the services.

    Many have jumped into the bandwagon of online stores and started to create their websites because they know that the internet have many users around the world and the number of buyers using the internet is increasing.

    With this in mind, they assumed that once they put up their website, they would rake millions of dollars. Many succeeded but many failed.

    They failed because they forgot to consider some items that are important to online customers.

    Some of them focused on the look and feel of the website, without considering other aspects such as the parts of the web page, points that build trust between the company and the customer and the framing of the sentences of a certain articles.

    Internet marketers are new breed of people specializing in the development of these websites in order to be pleasing and acceptable to visitors of the website.

    Their main goal is to attract visitors to their website and transform these visitors to be customers that would buy the products offered on the website.

    The website design and the website content should go together. The visitor of the website will be attracted to how the webpage is designed, but eventually, he would be looking for the content.

    A website full of flash animations will only serve as the gate of the website but the content will be the meat of the site.

    In deciding on what to include as a content of the website, the following should be taken into consideration;

    1 .The headlines should be clear. Main topics or important words and points should be in italics and/or in bold letters, and/or highlighted. This would make the visitor pick up the most important message the owners of the website would like to impart to him.

    2. The characteristics of the products and its features should be well explained in the website. The visitors should clearly understand how they would be helped by the product or what would the product actually do for them.

    3. Necessary information such as contact details, pricing schemes and mode of payment, and shipping costs should not be many clicks away from the customer. It should be easily accessible to him.

    4. Physical address of the company should not be concealed to the visitors since it would create doubt on the integrity of the company to deliver the goods.

    5. Testimonials form previous clients should be included on the website. This would attract customers to try the product offered since it is already tested and utilized by others.

    6. Description of the company should be present indicating the outstanding qualifications of the company.

    7. Another good technique in making the web content work for the website's goal best, which is to drive traffic and convert visitors to customers or clients, is to include informative articles that will benefit the targeted visitors.

    Writeups like "Top 10 tips" and "How-tos" work well in this field. Also, readability must be given major consideration when utilizing this method of driving traffic your website.

    Successful internet marketing depends on how the website is designed and the organization and presentation of the content. And Internet Marketers should know how to integrate good business practices in the website.

    After all, the website is selling a product or offering a service similar to the traditional business transactions.

    James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of and writes expert articles about content.

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