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    Online Personals Dating Services Today by Rudolf Freidlander

    Online personals dating services now replace the classified ads. Compared to a classified ad, the online personals dating services provides a complete profile '' of someone looking for romance on its site. The popularity of internet made online dating popular too. Before, the most popular ways to meet someone included blind dates, setups, meeting through friends and colleagues, and of course bar and club hopping. By 2000, online dating was on the scene and growing rapidly. Today, online personals dating services are a $300 million industry in the US alone and rapidly expanding worldwide. In 2002, subscriptions hit 653,000, and the online-personals industry as a whole generated more than $53 million in the first three months of this year. By the end of 2002, about 15 million Americans will have visited a dating Web site. Online personals dating services thing is not hard to do. In fact, 26% of all Internet users — 39 million Americans — visited a personals web site in December, 2003, according to the Web measurement firm comScore Media Metrix.

    Online personals dating services is but a natural extension of where we are at this point in time. Everybody owns computers. Everybody wants to fall in love. The two inevitably merged. Online personals dating services provide a sure-fire way to meet and get to know people from all parts of the world. Americans have fallen hard for the online personals dating services. This is so because potential dates in online personals dating services often engage in intimate e-mail before meeting, the first date is not blind. But the very ease and anonymity of the experience also encourages social experimentation. For both men and women, the biggest advantage of online personals dating services is that it allows singles to make contact with dates outside their social circles. Online personals dating services go beyond the crowded room of one's own insular demographic. With the relative ease of accessing online personals dating services sites, it's simple to continually go back and look for someone new.

    Online personals dating services also saves you time. Meeting ten people in a traditional manner would mean ten real life dates. But in online personals dating services, you could see pictures of all ten prospects, read their profiles, and even communicate before you ever agree to a date. You’ll weed out the prospects without potential and hone in on the best available people to meet. Despite the explosive growth of online personals dating services, it is still not easy to give up traditional approach to dating in favor of the Internet. The best strategy is still to incorporate both online and offline strategies.

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