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    Free newsletter

    Knowing The Write Direction When Publishing Your Own Newsletter by Mark Khoo

    Are you ready to start your own free online newsletter? There are thousands of online newsletters or ezines posted to subscribers on the Internet with new ones being started every day.

    The idea of starting a free online newsletter is to use it as a "selling platform" to make your subscribers aware of the product you are selling on your website.

    By making it free, you are encouraging people to subscribe. The fact that they are subscribing to your e-newsletter is because you may have offered useful tips and information that they can use.

    Writing and publishing a successful online newsletter is perhaps not for everyone. But if you think you have a knack for it and determination to learn the ropes, you can go far.

    Specialize on a particular subject, be focused and be simple with your writing.

    Your best bet will be with new information on a subject yet to be covered by an established e-newsletter. Don't be like the average Joe and Jane, if you want to make your mark.

    Your writing direction should aim at a niche market. The "general" direction is like a big ocean with everything spread thin and little pickings in sight.

    There are people from all walks of life, many of them with little writing skills whatsover, who are very successful with simple e-newsletters...writing on what they know best.

    To get going, you should study and analyse the work of others, find out how they are doing it. There are many websites where you can pick up information and get tips and tricks of the trade.

    Do research to determine who will be interested in subscribing and reading your online newsletter. It's not good enough just promoting your product. You have to give that added value to your newsletter.

    There are books that will provide you with the ‘how-to’. Subscribe to a number of free e-newsletters and learn from the publishers. Again, study their writing style, presentation and the tips and information that they provide.

    Adapt their success methods to your own e-newsletter, but you must also determine the area where they are weak, so you can make yours better in every way.

    The name of your e-newsletter should also help to set it apart from similar e-newsletters, Pick a name that defines the direction and scope of your newsletter.

    Try to make your newsletter's name memorable - one that flows automatically. Don't pick a name that's so vague it could apply to almost anything. The name should identify your e-newsletter and its subject quickly and positively.

    Know the basic premise for its being, your editorial position and every other detail necessary to make it look, sound and feel like the end result you have envisioned. With that in the bag, you should be ready to launch it.

    Copyright 2006 Mark Khoo.

    About the author: Mark Khoo is a freelance writer and independent editorial consultant. He's also content editor of the website which provides information and resources centered around Internet and affiliate marketing.

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